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Work and Goal Alignment

As you approach your first anniversary of employment, it's a good time to revisit any goals you developed for yourself or ones established by your supervisor.

  • What have you accomplished so far?
  • How are you making a difference in your unit and the University of Iowa?
  • What still needs to be done?
  • Are there any barriers that might prevent you from achieving your goals?
  • How will you accomplish the remainder?
  • Are there unexpected challenges or barriers to achieving your goals?
  • What will be your goals for the next year?

In the YouTube video, Setting SMART Goals, Ed Muzio, President & CEO of Group Harmonics, says that by setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based) you can avoid a lot of frustration.

Performance Expectations

University employees should receive ongoing feedback and a formal, annual performance review. You and your supervisor should be discussing your work, goal and career aspirations and accomplishments, and developing new goals and expectations as others get completed. The Performance Management website provides more information about goals, expectations, and how to have useful discussions about performance.

Universal competencies and proficiency levels are another way that performance can be measured and reviewed. Our universal competencies support the university's mission and values, and apply to all University jobs (P&S, Merit, Merit Supervisory-Exempt, Confidential, and SEIU).

Working well with others is a necessity, and is also one of our universal competencies. If you are experiencing challenges with others in your work unit, understanding your motivation and theirs can lead to better working relationship. The Six Hidden Factors of Motivation video on YouTube (Ed Muzio, President & CEO of Group Harmonics), explores what drives people to perform and why uncovering motivation can improve communication and increase trust.

Work Life and Wellness

Maintaining your productivity and wellness at work and home is an important goal. Interestingly, happiness can make us more productive and improve our health.  Read The Happiness Dividend  (Harvard Business Review) for more on this.


Is your career off to a good start? Where do you want to go from here? What do you need to make sure your career is taking you where you want to go?  If you need help with career advice, visit the UI’s Career Development Advising Services.