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What Departments Need to Know and Do to Support New Employees on the Job

Orientation provides employees with basic information needed to function effectively in the organization. At the University of Iowa, this includes a University-wide orientation offered monthly through UI Learning & Development.

At the department or collegiate level, it is equally important to have a systematic approach to orientation. This onboarding phase is the best opportunity the department has to help the new staff or faculty member transition to the new work culture, obtain necessary skills and knowledge to be competent in their position, make specific job expectations clear, and identify University resources they need to be successful. This is also the best opportunity to gain the employee’s commitment to organizational and departmental goals, stimulate interest, and develop productive work habits.

For questions regarding orientation or other professional development questions, please contact UI Learning & Development at 319-335-2687 or

The link below provides information about welcoming, and systematically orienting and onboarding, new employees.