Organizational Effectiveness

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Get ready to receive the new employee

  • Have the working area, tools, equipment and supplies ready to go before the first day on the job.
  • Update the position description to provide to the employee.
  • Complete your orientation and onboarding plan and notify all involved participants.

Welcome the new employee

  • Plan an opportunity for the new employee to meet others in the department.
  • Develop a plan for introducing the new employee to key contacts in other departments.
  • Take time early in the first day to welcome the employee and answer any initial questions they have.
  • Give the new employee time to settle into their work area.
  • Make plans for someone to accompany the new employee to lunch.
  • Give a tour of the facility including rest rooms, meeting rooms, break room, work rooms, etc.

Explain the work of the department or unit

  • Describe the function of the unit and how it relates to other functions of the University. (Provide any written material that may be useful such as mission statements, strategic plans, web sites, organizational charts, etc.)
  • Provide brief descriptions of other positions in the unit and how they relate to the position the new employee holds.
  • Provide information about the University Strategic Plan, Core Values, and how your unit or department fits into this plan.
  • Provide a schedule of upcoming meetings and expectations of participation.
  • Provide information about how the new employee will be trained and/or oriented and by whom.

Explain departmental guidelines and procedures

  • to whom the position reports.
  • the hours of work.
  • lunch and break periods, and how they are scheduled.
  • any special clothing requirements (such as uniforms) or dress code expectations.
  • fire and other safety regulations, including exits and general or specific safety concerns.
  • custodial services, general maintenance information and related employee responsibilities.
  • any special requirements - such as no food or beverages at work site - as well as the rationale for such requirements.
  • how to use phone system, email, and/or online calendar system.
  • guidelines for making personal and long-distance phone calls.
  • how to access the internet for University information and services.
  • how to obtain office supplies and other needed resources.
  • guidelines for after-hour access to work, including necessary keys or ID card coding.

Explain pay procedures, and vacation and sick leave guidelines

  • the rate of pay and monthly distribution information.
  • whether overtime is required and/or allowed and how it is managed.
  • how to sign up for direct deposit, as this is a requirement.
  • when a person is eligible to use accrued sick or vacation time.
  • how to report absences and the supervisor’s expectations regarding attendance and arriving on time.
  • how to request the use of vacation and sick leave.
  • how vacation and sick leave accrues.
  • how to fill out monthly absence reports and departmental procedures for processing these reports.
  • paid holidays.
  • University paid and unpaid leave policies.
  • how jury duty, bereavement, emergency sick leave, FMLA, and military paid leave are administered.
  • procedures for Flexible Work Arrangements and consideration.

Explain the Operations Manual and provide website information for University policies and procedures

Reinforce information provided at New Faculty and Staff Orientation

Explain any necessary procedures for Finance and Operations Web Applications

  • Include Employee Self Service, clearance to create reports for some positions, and workflow.
  • Information Management: Training Manuals