Monday, December 13, 2021

With the holidays upon us and a new year approaching, the liveWELL, Family Services, and Employee Assistance Program teams want to share well wishes and helpful resources centered around well-being for you and the campus community. 

It’s important during this time to pause our busy lives and reflect upon the things that bring us joy and fill our hearts with gratitude. Here are a few tips to help feel grounded and present in the moment:   

  • Write down three things each day you are grateful for.

  • Send a note of appreciation to someone who made a difference in your life. 

  • Smile at strangers (even if you have a mask on).

  • Take a break within a workday and plan some days away from work. 

  • Go outdoors and notice three different things about your experience. 

  • Acknowledge small steps towards your goals or large projects and celebrate them.

  • Be physically active in a way that your body and mind appreciate.

All these things will benefit you and those around you.  

We also recognize that this time of year can be very difficult for many. The holidays can be lonely, bring up grief, amplify past losses, and be exhausting. We have a few resources to consider for yourself and to share with colleagues: 

Well-being at the University of Iowa is a process focused on life-long learning that promotes and sustains optimal health, personal connectedness, meaningful experiences, and a purposeful life.  

When employees have a strong sense of well-being, they are better able to bring their best and authentic selves to work, be physically and mentally prepared to show up, communicate well, and serve the university's missions. liveWELL, the Employee Assistance Program, and Family Services are here to support you.