Who is Eligible?

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Regular benefit-eligible faculty and staff and their eligible dependents may enroll in the voluntary vision insurance.

Children may be covered until the end of the year when they turn 26. May remain covered after age 26 if verification of full-time student status and/or your disabled child who is claimed as a dependent on your tax return. Documentation for either situation must be submitted to World/Two Rivers.

Not eligible to enroll: House staff and temporary staff members.


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World Insurance Associates administers voluntary vision insurance for the UI. Questions regarding plan details, enrollments, cancellations, and changes should be directed to World.

Voluntary plans offered 

Eligible employees may choose between two plans administered by World Insurance Associates LLC (World), Avesis and eyeMed. To review a side-by-side comparison of both plans, please visit our dedicated Voluntary Vision Insurance microsite: 

Note: If you plan to fill out an enrollment form for a voluntary vision insurance plan, please visit the "SEND FORM TO:" section at the bottom. University Benefits does not process these forms. 


"Avesis is a national leader in providing exceptional vision care benefits for millions of commercial members throughout the country. The Avesis vision care products give our members an easy-to-use wellness benefit that provides excellent value and protection."

More information on Avesis Vision Insurance

eyeMed - DELTA VISION (Insight Network)

"Our diverse network gives your employees access to quality eye care and eyewear wherever they are, whenever they need it. By offering the right mix of independent providers, national and regional retailers, and online options, it’s no wonder 98% of our members stay in-network."

More information on eyeMed Vision Insurance

Enroll, change, or cancel coverage

World Insurance Associates LLC (World) administers voluntary vision insurance for our employees. Any changes, enrollments, or cancellations should be directed to World. Please visit the UI World microsite to download a PDF enrollment/change form to complete your request. All forms should be submitted back to World at benefitiowa@worldinsurance.com for processing.

Your voluntary vision insurance enrollment will continue year after year. However, suppose you would like to cancel your coverage. In that case, you must do this during the vision open enrollment period (Jan. 1 - Feb. 28/29) with the effective date of Apr. 1 or have a qualifying event throughout the year that would allow you to make a change.

New employees:

  • You may enroll in the voluntary vision benefits within 30 days of your hire date. Your effective date will be the first of the month after your enrollment is complete.

Current employees:

  • You may enroll or change your voluntary vision benefits if you have had a qualifying life event (marriage, divorce, childbirth, loss of coverage, etc.).
  • Voluntary vision open enrollment – Enrollment runs from Jan. 1 to Feb. 28/29 for an Apr. 1 effective date. This is your annual opportunity to enroll, change, or cancel coverage. 

Covering dependents:

Your dependent children may be covered by voluntary vision insurance with World until the end of the year that they turn 26. Dependent children are not automatically removed from your coverage. To remove a dependent, you must complete an enrollment form. 

  • If you have a dependent child over the age of 26 and needs to come off your coverage, please complete an enrollment form to "T" (term) them from the coverage and return it to World Insurance Associates.

To continue dependent coverage after age 26

  • If you have a dependent child over the age of 26 who is a full-time student, please forward a copy of their college schedule or information from the college verifying that they are a full-time student to World Insurance Associates for them to remain eligible for your coverage.
  • If you have a dependent child over the age of 26 who is disabled, unmarried, and claimed as a dependent on your tax return due to their disability, the child may remain on your voluntary vision insurance until notified otherwise. You must send documentation of your child's disability and dependent status to World Insurance Associates. 

Paying your premium

Your voluntary vision premium will be deducted from your payroll monthly. When World has processed enrollments, changes, and cancellations, they will contact University Benefits to start, stop, or change payroll deductions for your vision insurance premiums.