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Sponsors of UI LEAD Participants

UI LEAD is an investment, and the sponsor commits to the financial support for each participant. We encourage sponsors to collaborate with their Senior HR representative and perhaps other leaders in their area to nominate candidates who demonstrate high leadership potential and commitment to building their leadership effectiveness. Sponsors can also communicate with the nominee and their supervisor as to whether they would benefit from the additional cost of completing the 360 survey feedback.

Supervisors of UI LEAD Participants 

The supervisor's involvement is an important component to a participant's success. Our process supports a partnership between you and the participant, to maximize their potential and achieve work-related outcomes that will lead to organizational success. 

Illustration of a handshake depicting frienship
  • Engage in an opening meeting with the participant to identify organizational objectives and discuss ways you can support their development. 
  • Meet with the participant periodically to discuss how the UI LEAD process is going and review their goals.
  • Engage in a closing meeting with the participant to discuss progress made during the program, how to continue their relationship growth, and assess return on investment. 
  • Attend the UI LEAD wrap up celebration to offer words of encouragement and serve as a positive role model.
  • Complete the online 360 survey (if the participant, supervisor and sponsor agree to this option). Supervisor responses will be a distinct part of each participant's 360 report. 

Please reach out to for any questions regarding UI LEAD.