In-Home Assessment Program

The In-Home Assessment program is a collaboration between UI Family Services and Elder Services Inc.

Elder Services Inc. will provide an in-home assessment and evaluation in the home of the aging person. This assessment will include a review of:

  • Medical history and status
  • Social history and interests
  • Physical and mental limitations
  • Nutritional status
  • Housing needs
  • Transportation needs
  • Safety of the environment
  • Strengths
  • Outside contact information

Following the assessment, Elder Services Inc. will develop a personalized care plan that will address immediate and long-term needs. Elder Services Inc. will present this plan to the client and will offer unbiased suggestions regarding needed services.


The University will cover the cost of one in-home assessment per eligible faculty, staff or student per fiscal year. The University will cover limited follow-up with Elder Services Inc. Additional follow-up time beyond that must be paid by the faculty, staff or student.


Eligible faculty and staff must be employed in a 50% time or greater appointment. Eligible students must be enrolled at least on a part-time basis. 

Those eligible for the in-home assessment program will have one of the following relationships with the University of Iowa faculty, staff or student:

  • Self
  • Partner/Spouse
  • Parents/Parents in-laws
  • Siblings/Siblings in-laws
  • Grandparents

Service Area

The service area for the in-home assessment program includes a 35 mile radius from Iowa City, IA. If your care recipient lives outside of the service area contact Family Services or Elder Services Inc. to learn about other resources.

Scheduling an in-home assessment

Email Family Services or call 319-335-3558 to learn more and schedule an in-home assessment. Only faculty, staff and students referred by Family Services to Elder Services Inc. will be able to schedule an in-home assessment.  

If Elder Services Inc. deems the assessment appropriate and the family member of the faculty, staff or student denies Elder Services Inc. access to their home, Elder Services Inc. will not preform the assessment.