Resources for Bereaved Parents

Stacked books sitting on computer return key
Stacked books sitting on computer return key
  • Bereaved Parent, Harriet Schiff
    Step-by-step suggestions to help parents cope with the cycle of their grief, written by a bereaved parent.
  • The Fall of a Sparrow, Kent Koppleman
    Story of how a father searched for and found meaning after the death of his son.
  • Goodbye My Child, Wheeler and Pike
    Comforting book for parents anticipating or experiencing the death of a child.
  • Healing a Parent’s Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas after Your Child Dies, Alan Wolfelt
    Ideas to help grieving parents understand and reconcile their grief.
  • How to Survive the Loss of a Child, Catherine Sanders
    This bereaved parent and psychologist guides other parents to rebuild their lives.
  • I’ll Love You Forever, Anyway, P. Lindstrom
    Personal account of loss of a 27-year-old son.
  • Meditations for Bereaved Parents, Judy Osgood
    35 bereaved parents shared their feelings, insights, and hopes.
  • Our Children Live Forever in Our Hearts, Children’s Mercy Hospital
    Memory and comfort book with room for insertion of photos, mementos, and personal remembrances.
  • Parental Grief: Solace and Resolution, Dennis Klass
    Scholarly text examining the strategies parents use to cope with the death of a child.
  • Recovery from the Loss of a Child, Katherine Donnelly
    Reassuring book with accounts of various surviving parents.
  • Tear Soup, Schwiebert and DeKlyen
    A story for adults and children about the healing journey through grief.
  • Understanding Your Grief, Alan Wolfelt
    Ten essential touchstones for finding hope and healing your heart.


  • Alive Alone is a charitable and educational organization. Their purpose is to benefit bereaved parents whose only child or all children are deceased by providing a self-help network and publications to promote communication and healing.
  • Baby Steps is named after the baby steps that form the long and difficult road to recovery from the loss of a child. This web site contains resources for parents, siblings and other family members. It also includes on-line sharing for kids and adults.
  • Bereaved Parents offers information and support to anyone who has lost a child. Included are highlights from newsletters published by affiliates, as well as a monthly column. A Bereavement self-help resources guide is also included that indexes resources along with hundreds of listings for other resources and information.
  • The Compassionate Friends is a national nonprofit self-help support organization that offers friendship and understanding to bereaved parents, grandparents, and siblings. Locate a chapter near you or use the on-line chat room.
  • Mothers in Sympathy and Support (MISS) is a nonprofit, volunteer-based organization committed to providing emergency support to parents after the death of their baby or child. The site includes on-line forums.
  • Parents of Murdered Children, Inc. (POMC) provides the ongoing emotional support needed to help parents and other survivors facilitate the reconstruction.