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Purpose of a Work Arrangement Application

The purpose of a Work Arrangement Application is to document:

  • Employee work location(s) and % time spent on campus
  • Schedule outside of standard work hours
  • Technology equipment off campus and technology needs

Documenting ensures that the work arrangement is in alignment with departmental and institutional guidelines and the appropriate approvals required for the work arrangement. It will also serve as a repository for the University of Iowa of information regarding work locations and schedules and a way for organizational units to run reports on the work arrangements of their employees.

Who should complete a Work Arrangement Application?

You should complete a Work Arrangement Application if you are a University of Iowa Staff member who either:

1.  Works a flexible schedule (designated work hours that differ from standard unit start and stop times, with work performed on or off campus).

2.  Has a work location that is remote (full-time off campus) or hybrid (work performed both on and off campus).

See definitions for flexible schedule, remote and hybrid Work Arrangements at the Future of Work webpage.

Initiating a Work Arrangement Application

A verbal conversation between employee and supervisor is recommended as best practice to initiate and discuss details of any work arrangement. Discuss start and end dates, schedule, work location, and technology needs, if applicable. Refer to Workplace Flexibility Best Practices for Staff for additional guidance.

Employee Step-by-step instructions

  • Go to  Employee Self-Service >> My Career >> Career & Performance
  • In the Work Arrangement application, you will be asked to provide the following information:
    1. Standard or Flexible Work Schedule (if flexible, you will be asked to describe your work schedule).
    2. Work Arrangement start date and end date.
    3. On Campus, Hybrid, or Remote (fully off campus) Work location.
    4. Technology related questions regarding your equipment and technology needs.
  • Submit the Work Arrangement Application form and it will be routed to the supervisor for review.

Supervisor's Review

Supervisor's should review institutional and organizational unit guidelines to ensure alignment. They are also encouraged to refer to Workplace Flexibility Best Practices for Supervisors when considering an employee's request for a remote/hybrid work arrangement or flexible schedule.

Once the Work Arrangement Application form is submitted, the supervisor will receive a notification via email that a workflow package for the Work Arrangement has been sent to them. They will be able to Approve Package, Void Package (deleting its record from workflow), Return Package to Employee, or Add Approver.

  • Approved Package - The supervisor is approving the Work Schedule and Work Location along with dates that the employee has submitted. This will be routed to the Senior Human Resources Representative for your College of Division for final approval and, lastly, routed back to employee.
  • Voided Package - This will remove the work arrangement from workflow.
  • Returned Package - This option is used if there is something that needs to be amended or modified due to error or inaccurate reflection of the agreed-upon work arrangement. This option will route back to the employee for review/edits.
  • Add Approver - This option is used if there is a need to bring in an additional supervisor or member of departmental leadership who has requested to also approve packages.

In all instances, the supervisor should have a conversation with the employee regarding their decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

No. The purpose of this form is to capture the regular work arrangement type and location, not exceptions.

Employees will receive an email when the application is approved.  You may check the status of it via your submitted Work Arrangement application in Employee Self-Service. You will also receive a notification if any other action was taken with your form (editing, denial, or voided/removed from workflow).

There is information your supervisor can edit, including start, end, and review dates and a text description of the arrangement. If the schedule type (flexible or hybrid/remote or location needed editing, you will need to void the form, and create a new Work Arrangement application. You can request a form is voided by contacting

After an employee submits the Work Arrangement Application, details about the work schedule or location may be edited by a Supervisor or Senior HR Director while the application is still routing. Items that can be edited include start, end, and review dates and a text description of the arrangement. The schedule (standard or flexible) or work location may not be edited.  

If a change needs to be made that cannot be edited, contact to have the form voided from workflow. Once voided you can create a new one with the correct information.  

Work Arrangements should have an end date on or before December 31, 2021 per the Future of Work@Iowa recommendations. If no end date is added, an end date of one year from the start date is added by default, however, a review date on or before December 31, 2021 is required. 

Faculty and staff who, for personal reasons, want to work from outside of Iowa will complete a separate request form.

When completing the Work Arrangement application, select "hybrid" for work location and describe the arrangement in the open-ended text box. For example, "Work location is determined by business need. Will come to campus as need arises, and will work remote by default."

While initiators are unable to attach supporting documentation to their own Work Arrangement, approvers are able to do so while the form is still routing. Once routing is complete, approvers are unable to attach items to application.