Selecting a Retirement Plan


The staff member may choose either to participate in TIAA or to participate in IPERS. Serious consideration must be given to choosing a retirement plan. It is an irrevocable decision. Once one retirement program is elected over the other, you have waived your right to participate in the other retirement program in the future during your employment with The University of Iowa. If you do not log on to Employee Self Service and make your Retirement Election within 60 days of your hire/eligibility date, you will automatically be enrolled in the IPERS retirement plan.

Retirement plan contributions will begin on the first paycheck.  If a Retirement Plan Election Form is not submitted before the first paycheck, IPERS contributions will be automatically deducted.  If TIAA is later elected before the end of the 60 day election period, IPERS contributions will be refunded, and TIAA contributions will begin on the following paycheck.

How to Make Your Retirement Election

After you have done your research and read all of the information, you should be ready to select your retirement plan.

  1. Please log on to Employee Self Service with your HawkID and password
  2. On the personal tab, locate the Benefits section and select the Retirement Enrollment link.
  3. It will show that you are currently enrolled in IPERS. If you would like to change that selection, click the box that is labeled TIAA and submit your choice to the Benefits Office. If you would like to remain in IPERS, you will not have to do anything further.

This is a irrevocable one-time selection and it must be done within 60 days of your hire/eligibility date.

Members of professional groups where part-time income from UI is not the majority of their income can use IPERS Exemption Claim Form (pdf) to request exemption from IPERS.

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