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Annual performance evaluations are just the start—the following resources address periodic assessments, but also offer tips for ongoing feedback and effectively managing performance problems when they arise.

References and Links

Performance Review Intro and Tool: From Organizational Effectiveness, an overview of performance evaluations and information about the online tool (accessible through Employee Self Service) used to complete Professional and Scientific staff reviews.

Performance Review Process: Deadlines, tips, and step-by-step processes for evaluating all staff groups, with links to forms and templates including a self-evaluation instrument designed for Merit staff.

Performance Descriptors: Defines the five descriptors (outstanding, exceeds expectations, successfully meets expectations, needs improvement, unsatisfactory) typically used in annual staff evaluations.

Setting Goals: Guidance and templates for setting employee goals, especially for Professional and Scientific staff.

Universal and Technical Competencies: Defines universal competencies expected of all employees and technical competencies associated with specific Professional and Scientific positions.

Community Expectations: Summary of UI core values, key policies, and other expectations for all University of Iowa employees.

Faculty Reviews: The Office of the Provost outlines review processes for probationary, non-tenure-track, and tenured faculty members, including best practices and common problems.

Employee Relations: Information and resources to help resolve conflicts, address performance issues, administer progressive discipline, and ensure fair and consistent treatment of employees.

Labor/Union Relations: Additional information specific to the university’s union-represented staff groups.

Guidelines for Supervisors and HR Reps: From Employee and Labor Relations, an overview of policies and procedures related to conflict management, performance management and discipline, and other topics.

Performance and Discipline: Procedures for managing unsatisfactory performance and inappropriate workplace behavior, including a step-by-step guide to progressive discipline. 

See the Performance and Coaching Policy Guide for links to key policies.