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Healthy eating is an important part of overall health, well-being, and personal energy. Learn about healthy eating from resources including the UChoose program, which helps you identify healthy food options on campus.
Eat Healthy Food spelled out in colrful fruit and veggies

Featured Nutrition Videos

Find additional video resources from liveWELL and its wellness partners.

Healthy Meals in 20 Minutes or Less

What to Eat When You Are Too Tired to Cook

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What is the Best Drink for my Health?

Healthy Recipes from Around the World

liveWELL Health Coach Service

liveWELL offers a one-on-one Health Coach Service free for faculty and staff. Health coaching may focus on nutrition or weight loss goals. Health coaches are available in person or via phone. For assistance email liveWELL or call 319-353-2973.


Logo reading UChoose, eat well, live well.

Campus-wide nutrition campaign to help identify healthy food options on campus.

University Housing and Dining

With 14 locations campus-wide preparing over 400 unique foods to meet all appetites and needs and serving 16,000 meals each day, University Dining offers students, faculty, and staff a welcoming, affordable dining experience just around the corner. Look for UChoose-approved healthy options.

University Hospitals and Clinics Food and Nutrition Services

All UI Health Care dining facilities have daily menus posted with healthy, UChoose-approved items identified, as well as a nutrient analysis tool called NetNutrition. Use these online tools to plan your meals and assist you in making healthy choices each time you dine at UI Hospitals and Clinics.

Lifestyles: Get Healthy, Stay Healthy  

Find new ways to develop healthy eating and exercise habits to achieve. Both the Centers for Disease Control National Diabetes Prevention Program and the 10-Week Weight Management platform (Wondr) have shown that active participants reduce their risk for chronic health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and some cancers, as well as orthopedic issues associated with being overweight or inactive.

  • Diabetes Prevention Program, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This free to UI faculty and staff group program provides a full year of support and education on how to eat healthy, add physical activity to your routine, manage stress, stay motivated, and solve problems that can get in the way of your goals.
  • 10-Week Weight Management (Wondr) This free, all-online weight loss/management behavior change platform offers a valuable tool for UI faculty and staff. To meet the needs of our employees, especially those with on-the-go  lifestyles and in a  24/7 work environment, this program can be done anytime, anywhere.

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