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The Mental Health at Iowa website offers a central library of articles about coping, managing, and recovering.

Stress is a natural response to crisis. Consult the resources below to understand the signs of stress, when to take action, and how to help yourself, your colleagues, and anyone you care about. Employee Assistance Program staff can offer additional advice and services, including free, confidential counseling for University of Iowa employees.

Signs of Stress and Stress Reactions

Physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive responses commonly signal stress. Learn what to look for and how to respond.

Learn the Signs of Stress

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

Provided by Jamma International, this resource provides tools for managing information, reducing stress, and building overall resilience.

Download the Workbook (pdf)

Handling Stressful Events with Self Care

Stress is a normal response to crisis. Reestablishing a routine, connecting with others, and taking additional steps can help.

Find Strategies for Recovery

Mental Health Considerations During Outbreaks

The World Health Organization outlines potential concerns for health care providers, caregivers, people in isolation, and others.

Find General and Tailored Advice

Resources for Building Resilience in Tough Times

Resilience means responding to challenges and moving forward. Learn to cope with adversity and grow from challenges.

Find Videos, Workshops, and More

Videos on Meditation, Nutrition, and More

Mindfulness techniques, meditation, and healthy nutrition can beat stress. Learn a range of stress-management tactics.

View Well-Being Videos

Self-Care Strategies to Boost Resilience

Simple strategies—physical, emotional, person, professional, psychological, and spiritual—can help you take care of yourself.

Review the Strategies

Domestic Violence and COVID-19

The National Domestic Violence Hotline is available for anyone feeling unsafe in their relationship. Note: The link below takes you to the hotline website.

Find More Resources Here

Dealing with Distressed Individuals

Team members and leaders can help colleagues deal with stress. Learn when to take action and where to go for help.

Get Tips for Leaders and Peers