Applications open July 1 for the fall 2024 cohort of supervisors.
Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Whether you're a new supervisor or want to refresh well-worn skills, the PASS (Practical Applications of Supervisory Skills) certificate program aims to provide leadership lessons you can use daily.

PASS is offered twice a year and is intended for new and aspiring supervisors with zero to four years of experience in a leadership role. The free, virtual sessions include group activities, presentations, group discussions, and online learning opportunities. The PASS cohort collaborates with a diverse array of campus leaders to work through the curriculum.

"The PASS experience was very beneficial," said a past participant. "From learning and skill development spread over multiple weeks to collaborating with colleagues in managerial roles across campus, PASS gives you a toolkit for success."

The program contains eight courses, a series wrap-up, and reflection. Elements of the curriculum include writing and documenting SMART goals; practicing emotional intelligence; using the DISC Behavioral Assessment Tool; leading diverse teams, and more.

"The class assignments have us apply the lessons to real-world scenarios, making them meaningful and memorable," another participant said. "As a result, PASS has empowered me with a wealth of information and resources needed to navigate the complexities of leadership with knowledge and confidence. The series is extremely enjoyable and worth the time investment. I highly recommend PASS to all new supervisors."

Applications open July 1 for the fall 2024 cohort.

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