Most changes with your benefits must happen within one of the three student open enrollment periods or when you have a qualifying event. If you experience a qualifying event out side one of the open enrollment periods, you may be able to make a benefit change that corresponds with the event. A request for change must be within thirty (30) days of the date of the event.

Qualifying Events for Change of Health/Dental Coverage

  • Birth/Adoption (changes must be made within 60 days)
  • Death of spouse/dependent/domestic partner
  • Marriage/domestic partner affidavit
  • Divorce/legal separation/termination of the domestic partner agreement
  • Loss of health or dental insurance coverage
  • Gain of health or dental insurance coverage
  • Entitlement to, or loss of eligibility for, Medicare/Medicaid/SCHIP for employee or dependent
  • Dependent (over age 26) no longer eligible
  • Dependent (over age 26) returning to school full-time

Depending upon the qualifying event, you may be required to submit documentation. If you do not make the changes timely, you will not be able to change your benefits until the next student open enrollment period. 

Where to Make Changes

Students must submit a request through MyUI. This can be found under Student Information > More Information > Student Insurance and once in the Student Life Management section, submit any changes under Student Insurance-Life Event

If you are an employed grad student, you should not complete the benefits change request form, nor can you make changes on Employee Self Service. 

Benefit changes may be made during the following open enrollment periods or for any of the listed qualifying events above:

  • Fall Semester: Aug. 1-Sept. 9
  • Spring Semester: Jan. 1-Feb. 9
  • Summer Semester: May 1-June 9

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