Copayments and Coinsurance - UIGRADCare

Insureds will pay a $10.00 copayment for physician charges associated with an office visit, and routine eye and hearing exams.  Copayment is waived for preventive exams and well-child care. 

Insureds will pay 10% of the costs for most other health care services that are covered by the plan.

When care is necessitated by an emergency or an accident, the individual's share of the costs will be 10% of the charges without regard to where the services are provided and who provides the care. However, when an individual goes to an emergency room, the insured will also pay a co-payment of $50 and then 10% of the remaining charges for treatment unless the individual is admitted to the hospital.

Whenever an insured is admitted to the UIHC, the individual will pay the first $125 of the hospital charges each day. After the first $125 of the daily hospital room charge is paid, the individual will pay 10% of the charges.