Working at Iowa - Survey 2016

University Results

The 2016 Working at Iowa survey results show that University of Iowa faculty and staff have high levels of agreement with survey items that indicate an engaged, and therefore productive and effective, workforce. The strengths that continue to drive engagement at the university include that faculty and staff:

  • Understand their role and contribution toward the mission of the university.
  • Recognize a strong emphasis on customer service, thereby contributing to student success, patient care experience, and/or service to others within the university.
  • Report their supervisors treat them with respect.
  • Recommend the UI to friends seeking employment.

This year’s Working at Iowa Survey was administered to 17,831 regular faculty and staff over the period of October 5–19, 2016; 10,606 or 60% of the eligible population responded, making it a highly reliable representation of the overall employee population.

Please utilize the links above to read the two page executive summary or view the graphic summary of responses.

Presentations About the Survey:

Frequently Asked Questions

The survey is a tool for continuous improvement. As a confidential survey asking faculty and staff how they feel about their work environment, the results provide insight on the strengths of the University as a place to work, as well as where there are opportunities to improve the work experience of faculty and staff.

Employee engagement is a heightened emotional connection that an employee feels for his or her organization that results in greater discretionary effort on the part of the employee for his or her work. For more information on employee engagement, see Purposeful Work, by Patricia Soldati, March 8, 2007

All regular faculty and staff will receive an email on October 05 with "Working at Iowa - Survey 2016" in the subject line.  A link within the email will provide access to the survey.  The survey may be completed anywhere you receive your University email.  It may be completed during working hours or at a time outside of work.  For those without access to a computer or preferring a paper copy of the survey, a request could be made by contacting your supervisor, a survey ambassador, or your Unit Human Resources Representative.