Working at Iowa Survey 2018

UPDATE: See this Iowa Now story for more information about this year's survey, including new questions designed to assess employee engagement.

It's Quick. It's Confidential. It's Your Feedback.

The Working at Iowa Survey is a recurring, confidential survey used to assess staff and faculty engagement with their work at the university. Since 2006, the survey has provided regular feedback to campus leaders on how employees experience the university.  

Faculty and Staff Participation is Important

The information you provide helps the university achieve strategic goals and advance initiatives related to:

  • Student success
  • Research, scholarship, and innovation
  • Service excellence

Results allow the university to build on what we are doing well, identify opportunities, and guide improvements that make us more effective as a university community.

Survey Dates 

The survey will be open Oct. 3-Oct. 17, 2018, to all regular faculty and staff employees. An initial email invitation will be sent on Oct. 3, with multiple reminders sent during the survey period to individuals who have not yet responded.  

Access to the Survey

You’ll receive an email with the subject line "Working at Iowa Survey 2018" at your university email address. It will contain a unique link to the survey—this will be your only way to access the survey. Only one response will be accepted from each unique email link. Please do not forward or share your link with others, as you will lose your opportunity to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Working at Iowa Survey is a tool for continuous improvement. As a confidential survey asking faculty and staff how they feel about their work environment, the results provide insight into the strengths of the university as a place to work, as well as opportunities to improve the work experience for faculty and staff.

Employee engagement is an emotional connection an employee feels for her or his organization that results in greater discretionary effort on the part of the employee. Engaged employees are more satisfied with their work and generally deliver stronger results.

All regular faculty and staff will receive an Oct. 3 email with "Working at Iowa Survey 2018" in the subject line. A link within the email will provide access to the survey. The survey may be completed anywhere you receive your university email. It may be completed during working hours or at a time outside of work. If you don't have access to a computer or if you prefer to complete a paper copy of the survey, ask your supervisor, a Survey Ambassador, or your unit's human resources representative.