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The university’s Operations Manual is the central resource for policies related to engagement and retention. Following are links to some of the most relevant sections:

Conflict Management Resources: Describes options and tools for addressing conflicts, as well as procedures for administrative review of conflicts and concerns and grievance procedures for various staff groups.

Faculty Dispute Procedures: Outlines process for addressing disputes over tenure, promotion, and reappointment; grievances; ethics; unacceptable performance; and clinical faculty promotion or reappointment.

Student Employee Grievance Procedures: Addresses difference, complaints, or disputes involving student employment.

Anti-Retaliation: Protects individuals who’ve made good-faith reports of policy violations.

Extra Compensation for University Faculty and Staff: Provides procedural guidelines for any compensation beyond base salary.

Taxation of Gifts, Prizes, and Awards to Employees: Policies for purchasing, reporting, and taxing gift certificates, non-cash awards, etc.

Leaves of Absence: Outlines policies governing leaves of absence, usually (but not always) without compensation.

Paid Absences: Includes complete guide to policies governing paid leave of all kinds.

Family and Medical Leave Act: Describes employee rights under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Flexible Work Arrangements: Outlines options for developing flexible work arrangements (telecommuting, compresses schedules, job sharing, etc.).