90 Day Check-In for Employees

Work and Strategic Goal Alignment

Keeping focused on the "big picture" and how you contribute can get diluted as you get busy doing your day to day job duties. Watch the video below in Resources to keep you on track.


Performance Expectations

By 90 days new employees are expected to be well on the way to being productive members of the work team.  You can document your progress,  accomplishments, and new goals in My UI Career, found in Employee Self Service, Personal Tab, Performance/Career, Goal Plan.  Some ideas to help you be productive are suggested in Resources.


If you are a Merit employee, you are half way through your probationary period. 

Have you and your supervisor talked about how you are progressing?  A way to start that conversation might be, “Have I been meeting your expectations for learning and performance at this point in my employment?”   Your supervisor may use feed forward as a way to give you some pointers for improvement or you may want to use it with coworkers or valued “customers’ you serve.  See Resources for more information about this technique.   Also, see Resources for an article about two simple questions you can ask to help get feedback.


Work Life and Wellness

Do you have balance in your workday?  Taking short breaks or balancing regular tasks with challenging projects will keep you working well.


High performing leaders and organizations manage their energy well.   The article in Resources suggests ways to refuel.  Or you may be interested in "Manage Your Energy" class which you can find on My Training on Self Service.



Continuous improvement is expected in our work – have you thought about and discussed with your supervisor how you can be more efficient and effective in your duties?  What ideas and suggestions do you have for enhancing quality, service, or safety in your work?  UI SMART is an opportunity to share ideas and suggestions that improve our processes.

Being open to developmental coaching is a great way to continue to develop your skills and enhance your performance.


As you complete required training to perform the essentials of your job, plan on talking with your supervisor about additional learning opportunities that will keep you in a “continuous learning mode” and support career development.   You can also take control of your development by using “down time” at work or home to enhance your learning.   Many courses are available.  See Resources for details.

P&S staff:  Have you checked your progress on your technical competencies?  Technical competencies define the behaviors expected with our work performance.  They may be incorporated in your developmental goals during your first year of employment.  You can learn more about competencies.