Working at Iowa Survey Ambassador Role

Working at Iowa Survey Ambassadors and staff and faculty volunteers who are effective in their current positions and have the time and ability to continue fulfilling job assignments while taking on an ambassador role. Their peers and colleagues generally view them with positive regard and are likely to respond positively to their views.

Role of a Survey Ambassador

  • Attend up to two Survey Ambassador group meetings that are approximately 60 minutes each in length (training and recognition meetings).
  • Explain/communicate the survey’s importance and the role of the survey ambassador to peers and colleagues. 
  • Disseminate outreach materials.
  • Answer questions as appropriate or refer to Working at Iowa staff.
  • Be familiar with Working at Iowa’s confidentiality efforts and be able to reassure employees regarding confidentiality.
  • Encourage all employees to complete the survey. Work towards a high and increased response rate.
  • Assist employees with special needs.
  • Help with the distribution and collection of survey materials.
  • Forward announcements regarding the number of completed surveys.
  • Follow-up as appropriate and needed.
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