Organizational Effectiveness-Working at Iowa

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Working at Iowa supports productivity and retention of university faculty and staff. Survey responses shed light on the strengths of your work culture and identify opportunities to support our missions and goals. 

Working at Iowa is about achieving strategic successes. Supporting employee engagement has a demonstrated impact upon productivity and effectiveness in areas including:

  • Student success
  • Research discoveries
  • Service excellence

Findings from previous Working at Iowa surveys have informed immediate unit-level improvements—for example, enhancing supervisor training or developing recognition programs—and long-term projects, including campus-wide projects to boost the quality of performance feedback.

Each faculty and staff member helps advance university missions and can create a positive work culture for themselves and others. A positive work culture impacts how students, parents, patients, visitors, and others experience the university.

In this presentation, Eean Crawford, associate professor of management and organizations at the Tippie College of Business, describes how understanding and fostering engagement advance organizational goals: