365 Day Check-In for Employees

As your first year of employment ends, Onboarding transitions emails will end.  We hope that you have found the resources helpful during a year of learning and adapting.  These resources remain available from this website if you need to refer back to them.  Keeping energized and committed to your work is critical to your ongoing success.  Some tips are listed below.

Work and Strategic Goal Alignment

Be proud of where you work and your contributions-regularly check University accomplishments in publications as IowaNow and think about your work contributed.

Set yourself up to be recognized - ask your supervisor and coworkers how you are doing in meeting their needs; giving recognition to other might encourage others to reciprocate.  Check to see what options are available for recognition in your unit or UI resources.


Performance Expectations

Ask for feedback and act on it - continue to grow in how you perform. Use My Quick Coach in Employee Self Service/My Training to develop your skill in accepting feedback.

If you need resources to help your work performance, ask your supervisor to find out what is possible

P&S Staff should continue to use Performance Review/Goal Plan to develop new goals, document progress and receive feedback about performance


These resources are available in Employee Self Service/Learning and Development/myquickcoach.

Work Life and Wellness

Keep your positive attitude - all jobs have their ups and downs so keep focused on the good days.

Actively participate in decision-making activities in your unit; opportunities to participate in University Charter Committees or UI Staff Council are other ways for some staff to contribute to U.I

Seek learning, knowledge and satisfaction from coworkers - they can help support you during difficult times personally and professionally.

Recognize others - by giving to others, you will feel better and get recognized in return.


Career Development

Think about your career and how it can develop at UI.

Request a career planning meeting with your supervisor if you have not had one lately.  Reviewing UI resources for career development and thinking about the process for career development can prepare you for this discussion. Remember that development is about growing your skills to meet the challenges of your current job and being prepared for the future.


This resource is available in Employee Self Service/Learning and Development/myquickcoach.