Just-in-Time Child Care Resources

Campus Coronavirus Updates

Visit the University of Iowa coronavirus website for the latest information about COVID-19 and the university’s response.

School closures, work-from-home directives, and other crisis measures mean child-care emergencies for many UI employees, especially those in critical health care and operations roles. Find child care resources, guidance, and opportunities to help here.
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Child Care Referral Resources

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Back-up or Occasional Child Care Resources

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Additional Child Care Resources

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Resources for Student Parents

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Back-up Childcare for Healthcare Employees

UI Hospitals & Clinics has partnered with Bright Horizons to provide a limited back-up child care service for eligible employees with children through age 12. For frontline employees working in direct patient care and support services.

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Summer Programs for School-Aged Children

Local organizations providing on-site and virtual programs and camps for school-aged children. Updated 4/16/2021.

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Volunteer Child Care

Family Services, through a partnership with the United Way, maintains a list of individuals who have agreed to provide volunteer child care services to essential employees. For more information or to request the names of volunteers, please email familyservices@uiowa.edu

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Workplace Flexibility

The university recognizes that parents working from home also must care for their children and meet other responsibilities. Health and safety of families are the top priority.


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COVID-19 Child Care Considerations

Information on COVID-19 child care considerations from Iowa State Extension.