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To recognize a career shift to a new classification at the same or lower pay level (whether same or different function/family), demonstrated by significant and sustained changes involving different duties, key areas of responsibilities, changes in scope, and to the extent that the key areas of responsibilities of another classification have become the best fit overall for the work performed.

Requests for a career shift may be initiated by the staff member, the department or jointly and are submitted to the college/division (org). Denial of a request for a change in classification would follow the existing procedures for classification review within the org.

The new duties and responsibilities should be performed for an appropriate period of time that is sufficient enough to evaluate the employee’s performance and continuing success in the role. The evaluation period is at the discretion of the college/division, and is often between 3 and 6 months.  The new responsibilities must not have been recognized in previous classification and/or compensation decisions.  If it is later determined that the employee is unable to continue performing the new duties and responsibilities, their salary and classification should be changed accordingly. 

P&S status and associated dates will not be impacted unless the employee is changing from career status to an At Will classification, or vice versa. A Regents Merit System staff member with permanent status and at least 4 years of service, whose position is reclassified to a position that carries career status, will serve 1 year in probationary status before becoming eligible for career status.

Approval of the new classification by University Human Resources is required to assure the correct University classification is assigned. The procedures for requests, approval and appeal of classification change/review are outlined in the University Operations Manual, Part III Section 3.4.  A Merit to P&S career shift requires approval by the Board of Regents Merit System Office, and is outlined in the University Operations Manual, Part III Section 3.6.

Salary change is dependent upon the type of career shift change, the relative position to the median zone, consistent with the responsibilities and performance of others within the same budgetary unit.  

Career Shift to the Same Pay Level

  • The recommended salary increase is 0-5%.
  • The structure placement (A vs. B) should be factored into the new salary.

Career Shift to a Lower Pay Level

  • A salary increase is normally not given unless there are exceptional circumstances, and must have prior approval from University Human Resources.
  • May be given a lower salary depending upon level of responsibility and relationship to median zone.

Merit to P&S Career Shift

  • The recommended salary increase is 0-5%.
  • Consideration should be given based on the level of responsibility and relationship to median zone.

SEIU to P&S Career Shift

  • The recommended salary increase is 0-10%.
  • Consideration should be given based on the level of responsibility and relationship to median zone.

In exceptional cases, the employee’s responsibilities, performance and market analysis may support a salary increase outside of the defined parameters.  Any increase outside of the normal range must be approved by University Human Resources, not to exceed the market range maximum.

Approval of New Salary

  • Org level Human Resource approval if new salary is below or within median zone.
  • University Human Resources must approve any reduction in salary or any salary above the median zone, or for any classification in an open pay range.

Effective Date is the 1st day of the month following University HR approval.

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