Compensation and Classification

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Three-Step Process

Step 1: Is the job function still correct?

Review the job function purpose statement for the job function. Is it still the best fit?

Step 2: Is the job family correct?

Review the job family purpose statement for the job family. Is it still the best fit or is there another job family that is a best fit due to the changes in responsibilities?

In determining the best fit, be sure to consider the guiding principles for each job family that are embedded with the job family purpose statements. You will find information there that may help guide your thinking. For example, a guiding principle for the Admissions and Enrollment Services job family indicates that this job family includes positions at the departmental, collegiate and University level. The guiding principles also give a summary of the key areas of responsibilities.

Step 3: Which classification within the job family is the best fit?

For example, study the current classification and the next classification in the job family series as defined by their key areas of responsibility.

Keep in mind the following:

  • The new classification system defines classifications by their key areas of responsibilities that are focused on outcomes.
  • Key areas of responsibilities within a job family are cumulative; meaning they build upon the responsibilities from the previous classification in the job family.
  • Different levels of responsibility and competencies may exist between jobs that are appropriately classified in the same classification.
  • Do the job changes reflect a change in outcomes (KAR's) or in the responsibilities within the same outcomes (KAR's)? What is the significance of the change?
  • How do the individual's responsibilities compare or contrast to others in the same classification and budget unit?
  • Is career advancement more appropriate than a classification change? Would the use of or change in a working title be appropriate?
  • Is the person now performing the majority of the key areas of responsibility of a different classification such as the classification requested or to another?
  • Considering the options, what classification is the "best fit"? The match will not be exact; it is expected that some individual responsibilities may be described in higher or lower classifications, but most should be in the classification designated as a best fit.
  • One way to check your conclusion is to look at the level profile and determine if the job attributes for the job level you propose are consistent with your evaluation of the job.