How To Establish a New P&S Position

Departments Should Complete the Following Forms

  • Local Job Description focusing on the Key Areas of Responsibility
  • Position Management (Create a New Position) form - available in the HR Position Management System

Items to Consider While Creating the Position Management Form

Pending Position:  Should only be created and used as the primary position number on a P&S Pending Position Requisition.

Active Position:  Used in any of the following situations:

  1. The “active” position will be created/used to advertise a P&S Existing Position Requisition, or will be used as an additional position on a multiple hire P&S Existing Position Requisition or a P&S Pending Position Requisition, but is not the primary position listed on the requisition.
  2. The “active” position is being established in Position Management to be advertised in the future with a P&S Existing Position Requisition.
  3. The “active” position is being created for use with a search waiver or a furlough network hire request.

To advertise the position through JOBS@UIOWA, complete a Professional & Scientific Requisition available in the HR JOBS@UIOWA System. A Local Job Description and external ad (if required) will need to be attached to the requisition and it will be routed to Compensation and Classification through Workflow.