Compensation and Classification

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Departments should complete the following forms to establish a new P&S position:

  • Local Job Description focusing on the Key Areas of Responsibility
  • Position Management (Create a New Position) form - available in the HR Position Management System

Creating the Position Management Form

  1. In the Position Management section, click on Create a New Position and select Professional and Scientific.

  2. Click on Regular, and hit Next.

  3. Input the Effective Date for the new position, and select the appropriate Jobcode. The Position Description and Grade information will fill in automatically, given the Jobcode that you have selected.

  4. Input the Number of Positions you are creating and check the box to Send to Talent Acquisition, if you are ready for the position to be available in OTAC.

  5. Select the Reason for New Position.

  6. Enter the Organization and Department codes, and if applicable, the Sub Department code.

  7. Enter the Percent-Time, and the Calculated Standard Hours will populate accordingly.

  8. Select the appropriate Paygroup (Fiscal or Academic).

  9. Look-up the Administrative Supervisor, Functional, and 3rd Supervisor, if needed. You do not need to select anything more than the Administrative Supervisor.

  10. Add additional MFK’s if needed, and input comments if desired.

  11. Click on View Summary, then Edit or Submit to Workflow.