Wednesday, April 13th | 11:15 am - 12:05 pm

The Great Resignation: Why Turnover is Rampant & What Organizations Can Do About It | Presented by Dr. Stephen Courtright

Recent national surveys show that employees are quitting their jobs―or considering doing so―in record numbers! The reasons for this "Great Resignation" are many, but in essence, it is a perfect storm of economic, organizational, and psychological factors. Having a clear understanding of these reasons will enable organizations to better retain talent amid increased competition and market turbulence.

In this insightful session with Stephen Courtright, Professor of Management and Director of Executive Education at the Tippie College of Business, learn from research about the various reasons why employees are leaving their jobs right now and what organizations and managers can do to better retain them.

Change Blows: Leading through the Mess | Presented by Courtney Smock

When the winds of change blow hard enough, the most trivial of things can become deadly projectiles. Every person touched by change will react based on their personal thoughts and feelings - even when those thoughts and feelings seem hopelessly irrational.

This engaging session by Courtney Smock of Slingshot25 teaches us that helping people move through change is not an exercise in logic and reasoning. Rather, the key is to consider feelings as "data," then use that data to care for people to be the leader needed most during the messiest of times. As we consider the trajectory and pace of changes in our world, we need more meaningful change strategies to deal with the pace.

Working Apart but Together: How Leaders Design and Coach Hybrid Teams for Peak Performance | Presented by Dr. Jennifer Nahrgang

As organizations continue in their use of hybrid teams to accomplish work, leaders need to understand how they can design and coach hybrid teams for maximum effectiveness.

In this timely session with Jennifer Nahrgang, Professor of Management at the Tippie College of Business, learn from research about what stays the same when leading hybrid teams, the advantages inherent in hybrid teams that leaders can leverage, and the challenges hybrid teams face which leaders will need to expect and manage.


 Thursday, April 14th | 10:15 am - 11:05 am 

Moving Forward: The Art of Resilience | Presented by Jackie Pelland

In this session, reflect on the importance of resilience as an essential skill for success in today’s world of persistent change. Learn to discern between dysfunctional persistence and true resilience, examine three practices of resilient people, and take home some helpful tools for gaining perspective on challenge and staying resilient in the face of everyday stressors.

Take a deep breath and join this session by Jackie Pelland of Slingshot25 to explore the minor shifts that create major improvements in mindset!

Demographics and Demand for Higher Education: The Iowa Context | Presented by Dr. Brent Gage

Come learn and discuss the findings of Nathan Grawe's book, Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education, and put them into the University of Iowa context. As we look to the future, these demographic shifts will challenge institutions in the Midwest to maintain steady enrollment.

Once the core issues of the coming challenge have been shared, Dr. Gage who leads Enrollment Management, will share an evolving plan for overcoming these challenges. Learn why this plan is critical for ensuring the University of Iowa maintains its enrollment and remains a strong research university. 

Courageous Conversations – What is your Call to Courage? | Presented by Roxanne Erdahl

Leadership is not about titles or the corner office. It’s about the willingness to step up, put yourself out there and lean into courage.  Courage is contagious. To scale our work and build courage in teams, organizations, and ourselves, we must cultivate a culture in which brave work, tough conversations and whole hearts are the expectation, and armor is not necessary or rewarded. Come to know why “Clear is Kind; Unclear is Unkind.”

“Call to Courage” is Roxanne Erdahl’s approach to Dr. Brené Brown’s research on courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. As a certified Dare to Lead ™Facilitator, Roxanne will share methods to develop courage-building skills and to navigate difficult conversations between individuals and within teams.