Financial Well Being

Financial well-being can look different for every person. For some, you may want to eliminate the feeling of financial stress, for others, being debt-free is tantamount to financial health. Regardless of how you define financial well-being, financial coaching can help you find the financial freedom to make the choices that matter most to you. 
In a world with ample financial resources at our finger tips, 62% of Americans still struggle with financial management and experience financial stress. In fact, according to 2019 Personal Health Assessment data, 31.3% of University of Iowa employees report financial stress being a significant barrier to their ability to do their best work. In order to ease the information overload and provide unique, unbiased financial information, the Health & Well-Being programs through University Human Resources have introduced holistic financial education and management tools for faculty and staff. 
Horizons Financial Health and Wellness is excited to offer customized financial coaching to all UI employees, regardless of financial concern. This anonymous, free program provides access for up to three one-on-one financial coaching sessions with a certified Financial Counselor. 

These coaching sessions can cover:

  • Basic household budgeting
  • Student loan debt repayment
  • Debt management and credit card use
  • Savings plans
  • Homebuyer or renter education

These sessions are led by an unbiased, compassionate, and well-trained Financial Coach who can help you determine your financial goals and make plans to reach them.

Horizons has created an email support line to help you navigate your financial situation throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. A financial counselor will respond to your questions within 24 hours. Email to verify information, get assistance with your financial plan, and connect with local resources.

To receive a referral for free financial coaching though Horizons, contact UI Employee Assistance Program at (319) 335-2085.

Financial Education Resources at your fingertips through The Healthy Living Center include:

• Worksheets • Calculators • Strategies to Re-Pay Debt • Estate and Retirement Planning  

More information on financial education opportunities for UI faculty and staff.

This article originally appeared in the Spring 2020 liveWELL Newsletter.