2023 HR & Business Conference Committee Members

Cheryl Reardon, Chief Human Resources Officer and Associate VP, University HR cheryl-reardon@uiowa.edu
Rachel McGuire, Associate VP and University Controller, Controller's Office rachel-mcguire@uiowa.edu
Rachel McGuire, Associate VP and University Controller, Controller’s Office rachel-mcguire@uiowa.edu
Melia Pieper, HR Director, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences melia-pieper@uiowa.edu
Planning Committee
Tracey Pritchard, HR Coordinator, Office of the Provost  tracey-pritchard@uiowa.edu
Nathan Robinson, Director of Finance, Office of the President nathan-robinson@uiowa.edu
Amanda Petersen, HR Manager, College of Medicine amanda-petersen@uiowa.edu
Amie Stewart, Senior HR Director, VPMA Human Resources amie-stewart@uiowa.edu
Heidi McLaughlin, Assistant Director, ITS heidi-mclaughlin@uiowa.edu
Kunjal Harwani, Administrative Services Administrator, College of Education  kunjal-harwani@uiowa.edu
Don Brady, Senior Accountant, Controller's Office donald-brady@uiowa.edu
Robin Springer, Business Officer, ITS  robin-springer@uiowa.edu