Organizational Effectiveness

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121-50 USB
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121 University Services Building, Suite 50
Iowa City, IA 52242-1911
United States

Absence Approval and Management 

“What are my responsibilities regarding absence approval?” 


“What confidentiality boundaries do I need to be aware of?”


“There’s a conflict in our unit. How do I address this?”


“How can I promote diversity, equity, and inclusion on my team and in my unit/department?”


“What are the UI’s ethics policies that I need to know about?” 

Health Condition/Leave Management 

“What do I do if one of my employees has a health condition?” OR “What are my responsibilities with FMLA or military leave?”


“I need to hire someone. Where do I start?” 

Health Clinics

“Do we have an employee health clinic?” 


“How do I talk with someone who is frequently late or not coming in regularly?”

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

“What leadership development options are available to me and my team members?”   

Media/Info Requests by News Media

“What should I do if I get contacted by the press asking for information?”

Performance Management                                

“How do I support and manage the performance of staff?”


“I have a staff member who’s not performing well.  Where can I get support?”

Personnel File

“My employee asked to see their personnel file.  What should I consider?” What should be in a personnel file?”

Policy Index 

“What are other campus policies that I may not be aware of?"

Recognition/Staff Appreciation

“How do I recognize good performance outcomes, effort, or improvement?”

“Where can I get money for staff appreciation?”

Resource Guide for Staff

“What benefits and resources are available for staff members in the UI Community?” 

Shared Governance

“What is Shared Governance?”

Threatening Behavior

“I’m concerned about an individual’s behavior in our workplace.” 

Training on Staff Supervision

“I’d like to learn more about UI staff supervisory responsibilities and develop my skills. What’s available now?”  

Union/Employee & Labor Relations

“What do I need to be aware of in supervising contract-covered staff (union)?”

Wellness/Health Coaching

“How do I promote a healthy workplace?”

Workflow Approval

“Where do I log on to manage forms in Workflow?”

Quick Help

  • Consult your Unit HR Representative or College/Division Senior HR Leader. Access contact information for these individuals in Employee Self Service by selecting 'My Self Service,' then 'University Information,' then 'My HR Rep/Workflow Admin/Dept Admin.'
  • Request a brief phone consultation from UI Human Resources, Organizational Effectiveness staff at 335-2085.

Instructor-Facilitated Professional Development Opportunities

For more professional development opportunities visit the Learning and Development website. If you have any questions about the resources listed, please contact UI Learning and Development at (319) 335-2687.

Leadership Education, Assessment, and Development (UI LEAD)

  • Assess your current strengths and identify specific leadership behaviors for leadership growth.
  • Work with a leadership coach and integrate your supervisor or faculty administrator into your career development. 
  • Visit UI LEAD for more information.