Workplace Redesign Model

The decision to execute the concept of work redesign is challenging. It must involve top management who are visionary, persuasive, and consistent. The need for work redesign may be initiated by financial challenges, often a reduced budget. Other reasons include:

  • Strategic planning demonstrates the need for a change.
  • Leadership sees problems and challenges coming.
  • Customers report a need for change.
  • Regulatory changes require a review.
  • Leadership wants to be a distinguished competitor.

Prior to initiating work redesign, it is very important to be clear about why the organization is promoting a concept or solution called “work redesign.” As a leader or HR professional supporting the initiation of this sort of change, you need to be prepared to address the questions identified below.

  • What is the driving purpose of the redesign? In particular consider scope and impact.
  • What is the desired result or outcome? In particular, examine potential financial savings, efficiency or improvement to employee well being.
  • How will we engage individuals and teams within the process of review?

In a change there are four dimensions at work:

  • People - The characteristics, attributes and skills of the people working in the environment. PEOPLE make an organization and need to be our number one priority
  • Systems/Process - The structure, equipment, methods and technologies used to get the work done.
  • Results - How we know and let others know that we are successful.
  • Culture - How we relate with one another, customers and do our work together.

This comprehensive model examines the current and future state, and lays the foundation to enable ongoing systematic improvement.

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