Workplace Redesign Procedure

A seven-step procedure for Workplace Redesign is practiced. In order to be successful, it is vital that all steps are followed and accomplished.

1. Identify a change management team

  • An Organizational Effectiveness Consultant is paired with your leadership team.
  • Develop a contract for the change and host initial meetings.
  • Identify a clear outcome for the change.
  • This team will be responsible for communicating needs and other considerations as the process continues.

2. Conduct an “As Is” systems assessment

  • Look at the current organizational structure, analyze the roles and resources, and identify accountability positions of authority.
  • Examine the current team dynamic and the readiness to put forth the effort for change.
  • Examine benchmarks and collect the necessary data to support the change.

3. Create an infrastructure to sustain the change

  • Step back and look for new solutions.
  • Make a future organizational chart, consider the span of manager control, and review key functions, processes and systems.

4. Complete a talent pool assessment with key leaders

  • Examine effectiveness, skills, knowledge and commitment of current leaders.
  • Explore gaps and assess the need to hire new staff.
  • Look at the fairness and diversity of the organization.

5. Support the new organizational model

  • Identify growth and maintenance pieces.
  • Redefine job descriptions, job evaluations and performance metrics as needed.
  • Define reward and recognition programs to sustain and encourage the change.

6. Implement the new organizational model and communicate often

  • Offer rationale and opportunity for ongoing feedback from staff and customers.
  • Provide support for remaining and existing personnel if needed.
  • Provide support for the manager and emphasize leadership accountability.

7. Manage the change of the new organization

  • Acknowledge staff participation and contributions.
  • Communicate and modify frequently, with a process to follow-up on how the change is succeeding at the three, six and twelve month marks.
  • During the first year of implementation, review and evaluate the original performance metrics frequently.
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