Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Hello Leader.

Along with celebrating the achievements of our graduating students with commencement ceremonies, we invite you to engage in the other multitude of events springing up around campus this May, like the Tippie College of Business webinar on May 2nd called "Speaking from Experience: What an Aging Workforce Adds to Your Team and How to Embrace It." Find even more events at:

Leadership Spotlight

2024 LeadingBetter Summit

Leading better summit promotional graphic

We’re excited to announce the 2024 LeadingBetter Summit, an exclusive opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and expand your network. Scheduled for May 22, 2024, the event promises an extraordinary virtual learning day focused on better communication and collaboration. This year’s Summit features an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, including Kim Scott, renowned author of Radical Candor, and Matt Abrahams from Stanford University, known for his work on communication. These global leaders and other distinguished speakers will provide invaluable insights, inspiration, and connections.

As a special offer, we're giving away 50 tickets to this event. Email us with the subject line "LEADERSHIP TICKETS" by May 8th to be entered into a random drawing - winners will be notified by email. 

If you don't win a spot, you can still access tickets through our partnership with Louisville Leadership. Visit and be sure to use the code “UIowa200” at checkout to enjoy a remarkable $200 discount on virtual tickets, bringing the total cost to $95 per ticket. 

Secure your spot now! Email with the subject line “LEADERSHIP TICKETS.”

Highlighting Leaders

Congratulations to two leaders recognized for their outstanding leadership at this year's Campus HR and Business Conference!

Lew Montgomery Outstanding HR Business Partner
Jan Waterhouse and Lew Montgomery

Lew Montgomery, Senior HR Director, Finance and Operations, was named Outstanding HR Business Partner of the Year for exemplifying great leadership through his profound understanding of organizational dynamics, his ability to foster an inclusive campus culture, and his adept relationship management and effective communication skills. Lew provides outstanding service, exemplary leadership, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to continuous development.



Karen Shemanski Outstanding Strategic HR Business Partner
Jan Waterhouse and Karen Shemanski

Karen Shemanski, Senior HR Director for UI Libraries, was awarded Outstanding Strategic HR Business Partner of the Year for her recent work guiding a suite of critical organization-wide HR changes in the UI Libraries, including implementing new librarian classification descriptions, a new promotion process, and a new model for recognizing and rewarding professional achievements.



Teamwork & Perserverance Building

two professionals learning how to use the practice rowing equipment
Spencer Stumpf and Heidi Zahner-Younts learning from Assistant Coach Amy Smith.

Through the Discover Your University program, several members of the Organizational Effectiveness team recently embarked on an enlightening visit to the picturesque P. Sue Beckwith, M.D., Boathouse. Situated along the banks of the Iowa River, the boathouse boasts a rich history and stunning architectural features that captivated our team. Among its notable attributes, the boathouse serves as a hub for cultivating teamwork and perseverance, offering valuable lessons in leadership through the sport of rowing. The synchronized efforts of rowers navigating the waters underscores the importance of communication, coordination, and trust in achieving collective goals—a powerful metaphor for effective team dynamics in any organizational setting. If you're interested in fostering similar insights and team cohesion within your organization, we invite you to inquire about their tailored retreat experiences. 

Reach out to, visit Rowing's website, or their Facebook @uihawkeyecommunityrowing to start planning your transformative journey today!


Resources from the Office of the Executive VP & Provost 

Registration is open for the Faculty Engagement Corps (FEC) in the Office of Community Engagement. Faculty and instructors interested in incorporating community engagement into their teaching and research are encouraged to attend this year’s Faculty Engagement Corps (FEC) Orientation, occurring May 20 – 22 in the University Capitol Centre (UCC). The deadline to register is May 8.

Coaches Corner

In higher education, integrity is a cornerstone of leadership, guiding every decision, action, and interaction. As a leadership coach, I recognize that leaders cannot divorce themselves from their internal values and beliefs, as these principles are the compass directing their path forward. Top leaders also know it’s not enough to merely contemplate these values. True integrity is manifested through action, aligning behavior with core principles. This alignment fosters a profound love for what one does, stemming from a deep-rooted authenticity in one's actions.

Here are the three most important concepts to focus on when leading with integrity:

  • Consistency: Leaders in higher education must consistently uphold their values and principles across all decisions and interactions, fostering trust and reliability within the institution.
  • Transparency: Transparency ensures that leaders communicate openly and honestly with all stakeholders, promoting accountability and ethical conduct.
  • Accountability: Leaders hold themselves and others accountable for their actions, demonstrating responsibility and integrity.

Living with integrity means more than just adhering to a set of moral codes. It signifies a harmonious integration of beliefs and behaviors across all aspects of life. When leaders stray from their core principles, they risk entering a state of hypocrisy, which undermines trust and erodes their leadership effectiveness. By committing to live in alignment with their principles, leaders can unlock a transformative power, enhancing their ability to lead with wisdom and authenticity. Through this commitment to integrity, leaders can bridge the gaps between belief and action, cultivate resilience and inspire those they lead to follow suit. Integrity isn't just a characteristic of great leadership; it's the very fabric that weaves together the qualities of a truly exceptional leader.

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