Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Hello, Leader.

In the fast-paced, rapidly changing world of leadership and higher education, the pressure to constantly be in motion can lead to burnout, decreased productivity, and missed opportunities for thoughtful decision-making. By intentionally slowing down, leaders create space for deeper reflection, strategic thinking, and meaningful connections with their team members. Take a moment to breathe, read through this month’s newsletter, and protect some time on your calendar for continued reflection as a leader.

Brief Leadership Coaching

Did you know that any leader at the University of Iowa is eligible for a free one-time coaching session with an experienced leadership coach?

IALA Coaches

This coaching is available to help you, as a leader, develop your communication skills and influence to ensure the success and well-being of both you and your team. For an additional fee, you can incorporate an assessment tool into your coaching. Choose from 360 Leadership feedback, the CliftonStrengths tool, or the DISC behavioral assessment.

To determine which option is right for you, contact us with any questions regarding coaching services for UI leaders.

Coaching for Teams

Functioning as a high-performing team doesn’t just happen. In every team, there are different perspectives, agendas, and roles. Team dynamics change when members leave or join organizations. Teams experience shifting priorities and pressure to perform, and momentum and cohesiveness can stall out. This is where Team Coaching can be useful. It facilitates focused problem-solving, boosts team unity, and can reenergize teams to maximize their performance.  

For more information or to request this service, contact oe-leader@uiowa.edu.

Resources from the Office of the Executive VP and Provost 

Provost Faculty Fellow Opportunities 

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost is excited to announce that applications are now open for two 2024-2025 faculty fellow positions:  the Excellence in Teaching and Learning (ETL) Faculty Fellow and the Faculty Development Faculty Fellow.

Applicants must be faculty members in the instructional, clinical, or tenure track at or above the rank of associate professor. March 20, 2024, is the application deadline .

Learn More and Apply

Leading in the Classroom 

professor talking with students during auditions

Career Connectors

Career Connectors is a Pomerantz Career Center series that engages faculty and staff in a tailored curriculum designed to provide knowledge about the student-career development process, the foundations of employability, and teaching best practices for career conversations with students. To see specific times and dates, register on UI Employee Self-Service and enter search term "Connectors" in the Course Title box.

2024 Course Design Institute

Unlock the potential of your courses with this intensive, multi-day workshop from May 20-24. Perfect for instructors looking to craft, refine, or update their course offerings. Learn more and apply online.

Coaches Corner

Lately we’ve heard from many campus leaders who feel overwhelmed with the amount of information, work, and stress they are encountering in their daily lives. A phrase that we in Organizational Effectiveness bat around sometimes is, sometimes you have to go slow in order to go fast.

The phrase "slow to go fast" is often attributed to the realm of leadership development. It emphasizes the importance of taking the time to plan, strategize, and ensure quality before rushing into action. By investing effort up front to thoroughly understand the task at hand, identify potential pitfalls, and establish a solid foundation, teams can ultimately achieve better results more efficiently.

The concept suggests that although it may seem counterintuitive to delay progress initially, doing so can prevent costly mistakes, rework, and setbacks later on. By proceeding cautiously and methodically, teams can avoid unnecessary errors and complications that might arise from hastily executed plans. In essence, by being deliberate and thorough in the early stages, teams can set themselves up for greater speed and success in the long run.

Do you manage leadership development programs or services for the University of Iowa? 

If so, we need your voice! We are currently assessing all leadership offerings and if you would be willing to complete a survey, please email oe-leader@uiowa.edu, with the topic, SURVEY.

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