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Use this checklist to address well-being priorities following a layoff or furlough:
  1. Take the time you need to process the news. You may feel any combination of common reactions. As best you can, think of losing your job as a temporary setback.
  2. Talk to your family and friends. Enlist their support as soon as you're able.
  3. Maintain good exercise, nutrition, and sleep habits. You're likely to experience some disruption, but maintaining your overall health helps you manage challenges.
  4. Recognize grief and trauma reactions. Losing a job can trigger a grieving process or trauma reactions that are common after a crisis.
  5. Use all available resources. Look to job-search help, Employee Assistance Program counseling, financial well-being services, and other resources provided by the university.
  6. Seek professional help as needed. Talk to your doctor or a mental health professional if you can't shake negative feelings, have persistent trouble sleeping, or experience worsening depression, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms.

Explore additional resources as needed:

Mental Health at Iowa

Complete hub for services available to the UI community, plus advice and external resources for mental health needs.

Sleep Info and Resources

Guide to sleep monitoring apps, sleep-related counseling, and steps you can take to improve your sleep habits and quality.

Taking Care of Yourself

Additional information about stress, resilience, and self care tailored to COVID-19 but useful in any stressful situation.

Coping with Workplace Change

guide to managing change applicable to anyone directly or indirectly affected by a layoff or furlough.

Coping Resource Guide

Downloadable list of mental health and other resources including counseling, food and shelter aid, and more.