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This page provides a guide to videos produced by the Employee Assistance Program, Family Services, UI Health Care, and UI Wellness to support your health and well-being.

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Nutrition Mindfulness Resilience Well Me in 3 LinkedIn Learning


Healthy Meals in 20 Mins or Less

What to Eat When You Are Too Tired to Cook

Meal Planning Part One


Meal Planning Part Two

Most Healthy Beverage

Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation-Progressive Relaxation

Desk Yoga


A Brief Definition and Taste of Mindfulness

What Mindfulness Is and Is Not




Building Resilience

Mindful Moment of Self-Care

Staying Active

Perspectives on Loneliness

Burn Out Burnout

Dealing with Conflict

The Resilient Leader

Positive Self-Talk

The Purpose of Purpose


Self-Care Sprinkles

Emotional Well-Being

Emotional Intelligence

Personal Sustainability

Emotional Awareness: Honoring Your Emotions

Coping, Problem-Solving and Communication

Well Me in 3

From UI Health Care, selected three-minute videos on movement can be done in any setting. Find additional videos on adding more movement to your day at the UI Health Care YouTube channel

Movement for Any Setting

Desk Stretch: Easy twists and neck rolls

Kitchen Stretch: Neck and back stretches

Small Group Lounge Sitting Stretch: Seated stretches

Nurses Station Aerobic: Short kickboxing workout

Small Group Lounge Standing Aerobic: Short salsa workout