Brad Baldwin, Aperture

Brad Baldwin, Founder & CEO, Aperture

The Art of Mindfullness to Thrive in Uncertain Times

Keynote Speaker

Schreier Bio

Barry Schreier, Professor of Counseling Psychology, University of Iowa

Caring for Self While Caring for Others

Breakout Session Speaker

Pelland Bio

Jackie Pelland, Leadership Coaching, Slingshot25

Mindset Matters

Breakout Session Speaker

Erdahl Bio

Roxanne Erdahl, Professional Life and Leadership Coach, Erdahl Coaching

Living Into Our Values- Creating a Culture that Cares

Breakout Session Speaker

Patti Seda Bio

Patti Seda, Executive Coach and Talent Consultant, Seda Consulting

Discovering Job Joy; Your Guide to Stretching Without Snapping

Keynote Speaker

Hotchkin Bio Pic

Eli Hotchkin, Director, Threat Assessment Program, University of Iowa

Collaborating with the UI Threat Assessment Team to Create a Safe Workplace

Breakout Session Speaker

Kate Moreland Bio Pic

Kate Moreland, Founder & CEO, Moreland Consulting

Achieving Well-Being in Challenging Times

Breakout Session Speaker

Courtney Smock Bio Pic

Courtney Smock, Leadership Coaching and Change, Slingshot25

Coaching Skills that Change Everything

Breakout Session Speaker

Susan Hackenmiller Bio Pic

Suzanne Bartlett Hackenmiller, MD, FACOG, ABoIM, and Integrative Medicine Physician, Integrative Initiative

Nature and Forest Therapy: For Your Employees and Yourselves

Keynote Speaker

Rosie Ward Bio Pic

Rosie Ward, CEO and Co-Founder, Salveo Partners

Rehumanizing the Workplace: Maximize Your Impact at Work and Home

Keynote Speaker